CONGRATULATIONS to our 2024 scholarship winners:

  • Alex M.
  • Melissa H.
  • Shenandoah M.
  • Emma F.
  • Emily K.
  • Jacob F.

Educational Scholarships

  • Scholarship Applications: Due by end of January. 
  • Scholarship money granted is determined by number of applicants. 


  • Must be a GECU member.
  • Must be accepted into or already attending an institution of higher learning. 


  • All completed packets must be received by the end of the month of January. 
  • Applications can be submitted through our website using the form below. Questions can be directed to [email protected]

Format of the Application Packet:

  1. Application Form
  2. Personal Biography
  3. Scholarship Essay

All information submitted in the application packet is kept strictly confidential and will only be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee for the purpose intended.

Personal Biography*

In paragraph form, briefly describe the following:

  • School Activities
  • Leadership, Honors, and Awards
  • Community Service
  • Employment

*Please keep personal biography separate from the Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Essay

Please type an essay which describes the following:

  • Why you should receive G.E.C.U.’s scholarship award
  • Please include career goals, personal circumstances, activities and financial need statement

Scholarship Application