Since we opened our doors in 1931, we’ve been making each and every one of our members feel like they count. And in fact, they do — every member of GECU is also a partial owner. There’s always been and always will be a staff of friendly, helpful people at GECU who get to know you by name. These are the same people who are there to assist members — and the community itself — in everything from home mortgages, to car loans, to online banking, to day-to-day financial services.

Fully financial, fully friendly. It may not be how every financial institution does things. But at GECU, it’s how we’ve done things for many years — and it’s how we plan to do them for many, many more.

Interested in becoming a member? You just need to meet one of the following qualifications:

  • Live in La Crosse County
  • Work in La Crosse County
  • Any Federal, State, or City Government Employee
  • Be a direct relative of someone who qualifies (parent, sibling, child)